How to Choose the Right Sterilization Product for your Dental Office

Using reliable sterilization packaging is essential to knowing your dental instruments have been thoroughly sterilized every time and to maintaining the sterility of reprocessed items until use.

The New Approach in Dental Offices: Work Like Every Patient Has COVID-19

By nature, dental procedures are performed near the upper respiratory tract and generate aerosol spray.

Reopening Dental Practices Post-shutdown: How to Make Patients Feel Safe

As dental offices across the U.S. and Canada begin to reopen, many patients may be reluctant to schedule routine procedures as …

Does your dental practice have the PPE you need to reopen safely?

It is no secret that “dental offices are at a high risk for spreading COVID-19 given the aerosol generating nature of dental procedures, the proximity…

How to practice proper hygiene to prevent the spread of viruses

As of March 3rd, 2020, only 60 cases of the Coronavirus have been detected in the United States. However, it is important to stay up to date as the situation…

An Innovative 1-step Control Bleeding Solution

Following a dental procedure such as an extraction or periodontal surgery, it is important to control bleeding as quickly as possible…

3 Best-in-Class Dental Products that Every Dental Professional Needs!

As a leader in infection control and prevention, Medicom is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to contribute to…

Patented VersaGown Keeps Healthcare Professionals Protected When Every Second Counts

Addressing an Industry Need Personal protective equipment (PPE), including isolation gowns, is one of the main forms of barrier protection that help protect healthcare professionals from cross-contamination and infection. 

Medicom Increases Production as Demand Increases Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Medicom Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality infection control products, including surgical, procedural and respiratory face masks.

Are you wearing the right mask and wearing it right?

Infection control is critical, especially during an outbreak of a potentially fatal virus like the current strain of the Coronavirus. At times like this, it is important to know that infection control companies like Medicom offer a variety of infection control products.

The Power of Pro-Surface Disinfectants

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the current strain of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. Initially, infected patients had visited a large seafood and animal market in the area, suggesting animal-to-person spread.

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